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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Set on order!

Well, I finally finished the Space Pirates Lego Set I've been designing.  The problem is, the finished product comprised of the 2 man raider craft I'm showing at the moment on this blog, a base and a large capital ship with an interior and a 4 man crew...

Total price?  £200 more than I'm happy to spend on a toy at the moment :P

I decided to go with the one I created first, the capital ship, it's in some respects the most interesting model and it's my first attempt so it seems a good place to start.  I went over the design meticulously trying to make sure everything interlocks properly and that it will be a good solid model with some play value once it's finished.

Of course whether I've done this properly will only tell once I get the thing and start building it.  Which takes a while as they have to print the box and instructions to your design... Then hand pick all the bricks and pieces, in my model there are over 500 pieces so...

In the meantime I'm trying to stray away from designing more - I've been watching the my gaps in the Harry Potter series (Goblet of Fire and Phoenix Order) and spending more time on the star wars roleplaying board which is fun...

For now I'll leave you with a couple more images of the 2 man raider craft nearing completion.

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