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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Hope For Lego Design by me...

Space Patrol Ship Lego Design by me set - interior shot.
Well, it's not really Lego Design by me... In some respects it's something even cooler!

A chance to get your Lego set made into a full production set which gets full proper production and advertised and sold - and you get 1% commission on the sale of your design?

I'd love for this set to be made, if you want to see 'Space Patrol' in production and show me some support - go to this page:-

sign in with facebook - and click on the support button the like button and tweet it!

Maybe I should offer to buy a copy of the production set and offer it up in a prize draw?  I'll think about that one... I don't know how much the set would be as a production - I'm guessing about £60, I had to pay £90 for it as a Design by me....

Anyway, please, please do me a huge favor and earn eternal gratitude... And help get my Space Patrol set made production!


Some images to tempt you?  Remind you what the set I want made into production looks like?

The Space Patrol model with the Lego Design by me box  

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