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Friday, 16 September 2011

The Finished Model!

Well I finished the model, and I really love the complete model. It's a really solid Lego Set the only real weak points are the guns which do break off really easily - but are easily fixed.

The roof section comes off really easily - it's great for accessing the interior and I really love the functional looking interior - it looks like it could work as a multi crew spacecraft.

Images below:-

My Space Patrol set with the vintage Lego Space Transporter craft shown for scale. (Set 918)

My Space Patrol set with a vintage space pilot shown for scale.

Rear view of the craft, the engines and the gunners viewscreen are shown.

This is how the roof section is removed, the large window at the front is easily removed too for better access to the pilot.

The interior of the craft, shown top to bottom are the gunner, captain and navigator.

Close up of the pilots cockpit, not the large amount of computers and controls compared to traditional Lego Space sets - realistic for a large space ship, at least in comparison to the vintage four dials and a steering wheel setup!

Another view of the interior of the ship, showing the pilot mainly, with the navigator in the foreground.

View of the gunners rear facing window and his two joy sticks.

Main interior shot, showing gunner, captain navigator and pilot, along with some of teh computer consoles.

View of the interior - not the fire extinguisher on the captains side of the ship.

Full interior view - not the ladder for the gunner to get into his seat.

Comparitive shot of the Set 918 Transporter and my 'Space Patrol' Lego Design by Me Set.

Front on view, here you can see the pilot, the navigator and the captain, their seats can be swivelled to face forwards.

Close up view of the gunners seat.

Side on view of the whole craft, there is a small window, going across for the captain and navigator and a large window on either side of the gunner so he can better orientate himself.

Rear 3/4 view, not the large amount of small booster rockets and similar in addition to the main engines.

The top mounted rear gun rotates through 360 and tilts up to 45 degrees.

Front 3/4 view - all guns forward facing, the ones at the front will tilt outwards by 45 degrees.

Main side on view - note the large window for the pilot and the impressive array guns.

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