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Monday, 23 January 2012

Lego Cuusoo : The 2 Man Star Raider.

I've had some really positive feedback on my 2 Man Star Raider craft as shown in last weeks post.

2 Man Star Raider Craft.

People particularly seem to like the design of the cockpit.

Getting in.

Back of the Cockpit.   

If you'd like to see this two seater patrol craft in production you can vote for it on Lego Cuusoo

It would need a tiny bit of work to make it production quality - mainly the canopy over the cockpit.  I did the best I could with the Lego Design by me pallette, but a there isn't a decent two seater hinged canopy in the Lego Design by me pallette - so I had to improvise.

Despite design by me ending I am still working on Design by me sets, the next project is a large battlecruiser, with pilots seat, co-pilots seat, captains control chair, 3 command stations, 6 berths, a galley and an officers mess.

How will I order it?  With no more Lego Design by me the only way will be through the pick a brick service. 

I'm experimenting with this by buying a second copy of the LCX1 Fighter I designed for my nephew - he's built it now but I still haven't seen it - so I'm getting my own through pick a brick - but with no instructions or box...

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