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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lego Design by Me Star Wars Sets.

I've love to do some Star Wars themed Lego Design by me, but you can't use Star Wars Mini figures in Lego Design by me because of intellectual property rights.

I helped my daughter build the Lego Star Wars Lukes Landspeeder at Christmas, that was a great set.  Now she keeps pestering me, demading she wants the Lego Star Wars Droid Escape Pod all the time!

Personally I'd really like to buy and build Bobba Fett's Lego Space Ship 'Slave 1' I keep thinking about letting off Design by me and getting the Lego Star Wars Slave 1 Set but despite it looking great, I think the fun is as much in the design as the building.

I'm, still working on my giant battle cruiser design with crew quarters - that should be my most impressive Lego Design by Me set to date!  But It's not going to be cheap, it's going to cost over £200 in parts I reckon and It's a long way from finished...

My daughter also keeps going on about the Lego Death Star, It looks fantastic - but £300 for Lego !?

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